June 30, 2022

NFT project: making legal assistance affordable

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What is this project about?

Family conflict is a widespread problem, especially among those who cannot afford professional legal assistance and are deprived of protection. We have launched an NFT project to provide financial aid to the most vulnerable groups.

The project objective is to allocate part of the proceeds from sale and resale of crypto art (NFTs) to support victims of domestic abuse and their children. This covers the services of lawyers and may also be used to engage translators, counsellors, and healthcare professionals. In exceptional circumstances, we also arrange for temporary accommodation, clothing, and food

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like paintings, sculptures or other works of art. It is initially created as a digital product belonging to a specific owner. This makes it different from a regular image you can find online, which has no specified owner. You would either have to trace its ownership or wait for someone to claim the right to it. With NFTs, no such thing is needed. The owner is known and identified on a blockchain.

What makes NFTs so valuable is that the underlying digital items are of the same nature as works of art. For instance, an original Monet is both a fine art piece and a precious asset you can store at home or resell at a premium. The same is true for NFTs.

What are the stories behind the works?

Every work is a graphic combination of the collection’s name and the images of red hearts. Although all the pictures are similar in style, every one of them is unique. The red heart symbolises the core idea of the project. Inside it, there is a picture of a weighing scale with two triangular plates representing the masculine and the feminine. This is a metaphor for family relations and justice, which is the centrepiece of the author’s main occupation as a family lawyer Sergey Bashkevich @bashkevich_com.

Collection 'Law & Love' : https://getgems.io/collection/EQC_tDrucZzz3JrZe-FlhdAauswCkPHpcJUENVxENjqiAXW6

Collaborations with designers

I would like to work with other creators to design truly artistic NFTs bearing aesthetic value. It is important for me to have those who appreciate art join in the project and share their vision of its core concept. Feel free to contact me using the email below.

Our 👩‍🎨 designers:

Why is the project important for buyers?

The project is gradually gaining momentum. You have learnt about it today, and more people will tomorrow. It is an open and ongoing initiative that aims to make a difference and is built on trust and reputation.

My love for socially responsible work is what inspires my art. Although all the NFTs I have created have equal value both aesthetically and conceptually, each token is sold at a different price. This way you can choose the amount you wish to contribute and add to your collection something that really matters.

➡️ Collection 'Law & Love'

I want you to become part of this Law & Love project.

If you have ideas on the future evolution of the project, please share them via

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